A FEMJOY movie directed by Tommy Bernstein | Date: May 22, 2016


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canuck May 24, 2016 6:02:03 AM

Early this morning I was feeling really lousy and at my age that is the last thing on earth that can happen to me. But I now think that I am in heaven was painless and now exciting. Now I am seeing an angel with such lovely movements and music that goes so well with this my angel. This is living in Paradise for me. Do I deserve this beauty as I have been a naughty boy sometimes ????? Thank you for this moment of extreme pleasure. Canuck.

My Eyes Adore You May 23, 2016 8:14:49 AM

>>>OH<<< darling angel sweetheart you made me dream and dream and dream…I dreamed kissing those beautiful lips and our heart were pounding then we removed the clothes and were joined together in a wild river of enormous love you were spectacular and I was feeling inside your belly while squeezing the gorgeous cheeks…You said over and over give me your baby give me your baby and I said yes yes yes I am going to give you my baby, a sweet darling beautiful little bundle of love…Our bumble bees will be so sweet then I awakened from the alarm clock… +++C+H+R+I+S+S+Y+++C+H+R+I+S+S+Y+++ C+H+R+I+S+S+Y+++ I loved the music so sensuous a joining into perfection…I love your Pussy pussy pussy holy temple tunnel of enormous love XOXOXOXOXOXOXO >>>OH<<< angel lover I am dreaming sweetness !!!!!!!!!!!

FEMJOY Member May 22, 2016 11:40:49 AM

Among the top indoor videos. Chrissy turns up the heat with every move. She demonstrates how amazing a healthy, toned body and devastatingly mesmerizing face can be when simply set in motion. Brava !

Chicago Painter May 22, 2016 11:09:44 AM

My favorite part is the full horizontal view right after 4:00 & wish it lasted longer. The speedups & color flashes (they're intentional, right?) are unnecessary cuz Chrissy has enough explosive material. Thanks for the wakeup call....

My Eyes Adore You May 22, 2016 8:43:35 AM

++++OH+++ Lady Fox+++C+H+R+I+S+T+Y+++ The vagina a man dreams of, the pair of cheek so beautifully formed to perfection yes yes yes, >>>OH<<<+++C+H+R+I+S+T+Y+++ the belly filling with piure love, the breast are wonderful. spectacular for the lips to kiss and kiss and kiss… The hungry feeling of please give all of this to me and let us together write a symphony of music a serenade inside the bliss of heavenly paradise… Filling and filling and filling the hearts with true pure love….+++C+H+R+I+S+T+Y+++ I am dreaming of your perfection penetrated deeply within the air rushing in and out of my lungs, my eyes entertained by the glorious holy sweetness of you, and the heart is pounding like a jack hammer that surges the blood between my legs…All inside the love juice flows wishing and begging for the greatest art of all XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX baby,baby baby baby >>>OH<<< love love love love……………….>>>+++B+E+A+U+T+I+F+U+L+++

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This Movie
Model: Chrissy Fox
Artist: Tommy Bernstein

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