Medina U. inMaybe You Should

released on Mar 19, 2017

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My Eyes Adore You

Nothing has eve been more beautiful my love…I have and always will adore worship you darling gorgeous magnificent Goddess…You are the sexiest most arrousing lady I have ever seen… I love you Medina Michael is a very large fan wish I could be Mr. Lucky and make babies with you love love love love good,good,goodness beyond all the stars…Your the best and this man knows


My Eyes Adore You

Oh jensi B Medina you are so beautiful I love you baby love you love you love you number one ! 1111111111111 lover of my dreams !!!!!!!!!!!



I've always enjoyed watching Medina ,she is a very lovely woman. Perhaps, just a thought, we could get a video less than two and a half years old.

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